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speeding tickets are a bitch

Today i did the one thing that i didn't want to do. i cried at school. well in the bathrooms and then in the hallway later. here, let's start from the beginning, shall we?

so yesterday i knew lauren had the day off. so i got ahold of her and we decided we'd meet at grapvine mills mall. my mother said that was fine and just not to go to her house....so i was on the way to grapvine mills and i took a wrong exit which would make me later. so i turned around and proceeded to haul ass, which in turn got me a speeding ticket. i was going 72 in a 45. why would a freeway be 45mph??? well anyway, i didn't know. so i got a ticket. and i'm sure it'll be horribly pricey. so my mom called her cell that she told me to take with me and told me that my manager called and said i was supposed to work that day. i must have totally looked over monday...i had no idea. so she was mad at me for that. then when i told her where i was (lauren's) she got extremely pissed and grounded me for a week. she yelled at me for quite a while. so i went off to work and then came home. she was still mad and so i just went to bed. no way was i going to tell her about my ticket yet.

so today at school i just thought about that stupid ticket and i have no clue how to handle it and i had to buy a prom ticket that day, but i had no money so i panicked about that...anyway, i was a mess. i called the municiple court to find out info about my ticket when i got home from school today, but they won't know anything until it gets processed on thursday. so i guess i'll wait until thursday to call and check out my options. i'm so stressed. i want to tell my mom, but at the same time, i don't. i think i'm going to take care of most of it myself and THEN tell her. maybe she'll be glad to know that i took responsibility for myself...? i hope i'm doing the right thing.

2:52 p.m. - April 17, 2001


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